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About Us

Padgett Business Services

Since Walter Padgett first opened his business more than 50 years ago, our focus has been on supporting small businesses across North America. Since we started as a small business, we know how important they are to our economy and we understand the challenges business owners face—and what they need to overcome those challenges.

Our Mission:

We empower individuals and business owners to pursue their goals and do more of what they love by providing tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting services.

Our Values:

We believe that small businesses deserve the same resources and opportunities that big businesses have, so we want to help provide that support.

Our Vision:

We aim to continue to build a strong, nationwide community of support for small businesses through a network of individually owned Padgett firms.
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Walter Padgett started Padgett Business Services in Athens, GA to assist small business owners with their bookkeeping and tax needs. Padgett quickly distinguished itself by using a proprietary-designed bookkeeping system created especially for the small business sector.


The company grew rapidly in the Georgia market and after significant growth for several years, entered into the franchising arena, opening the first franchise office Augusta, GA, owned by Johnny Hewitt.


Padgett hosts our first annual Tax Seminar to support franchisees. This event allows them an opportunity to learn about new developments in the industry and build friendship and community with their fellow Padgett office owners.

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Having established numerous franchises throughout the United States, Padgett crossed the border and opened the first Canadian franchise.

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Two Canadian accountants, Brian Austin & Dan Sautner, take over ownership of the company and a new era begins.

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We felt like it was time to give back to our clients and be their advocate, so Padgett began working in Washington, D.C. with appearances before the U.S. Senate and House to testify on behalf of small business owners.

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Padgett begins a strategic partnership with PayTrak Payroll Services to help relieve the payroll burden from small business owners.

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The 500th office in Padgett history opens.


Padgett celebrates 50 years of supporting small businesses across the United States and Canada. By providing tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting services, we allow business owners to do more of what they love and do best.

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Padgett’s fourth home office leadership team member is recognized in Accounting Today’s Top 100 list.


Today, Padgett supports thousands of small businesses across North America through our network of hundreds of individually-owned locations. We continue to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada to better serve as trusted advisors to business owners across the continent.

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