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Payroll for Small Businesses

Modern, efficient processes for your business and employees

People have been keeping payroll records for thousands of years, yet it’s still a stressful, high-risk task for most business owners. But if you have employees, payroll isn’t something you can avoid. With frequent deadlines to meet, it can be a time-consuming process to manage payroll on your own, and the consequences of mistakes can be disastrous—from employee loss to tax penalties. Working with a Padgett payroll partner can help relieve that stress and free up your time for the things you care about.

A true partner for your payroll

A Simplified System:

Reduce risk and streamline your payroll process by working with a professional to complete your payroll tasks.

We’re on your team:

You’ll have a dedicated specialist, so you’ll always know who to call with questions.

Your Information, 24/7:

With PayTrak’s self-service payroll portal, you, your employees or your Padgett advisor can access payroll reports when and where you need them.

Ensure your employees support

Padgett can manage your payroll using your current application or our preferred partner, PayTrak Payroll Services. We can save you time by processing your regular payroll cheques, T4s, T4As and T4SUMs and providing you with user-friendly reports. You can feel confident that your employees are being paid on time and that your taxes and deductions are calculated accurately.

Our services work together

  • Padgett also offers tax, accounting and business consulting services, so we can address all of your financial needs.
  • By utilizing our full-service support, your payroll integrates easily with your accounting, compliance requirements, and tax planning and preparation.
  • When general advice is not enough, our consulting services can help give you the guidance you need to monitor your performance, identify profit opportunities, and make timely adjustments.

Payroll FAQs

Padgett’s small business payroll services include full outsourced payroll processing, including remittance of payroll taxes and filing of payroll tax returns. We help clients design a payroll process that allows employees to be paid via direct deposit and removes the headaches of onsite payroll preparation.

Padgett’s preferred payroll partner is PayTrak Payroll Services, a national and well-respected processor with years of experience.

Reliable payroll services are essential for maintaining your most important business resource: your employees. Payroll is a time-consuming process that poses a significant risk if done incorrectly. Working with Padgett removes that stress.

Yes, in addition to payroll, we calculate the withholdings and payment schedule. With Padgett and PayTrak, your statutory remittances are paid electronically for you — accurately and on time. It’s worry-free!

For more information please visit PayTrak Payroll Services’ website.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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