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Small Business Advisory Services

Discover new opportunities for your financial growth

Are you taking advantage of financial opportunities? Your local Padgett office does things machines and big corporations can’t, like providing the understanding and essential advice that individuals and small businesses need to make decisions with peace of mind. According to a survey of small business owners, 70% of businesses that had an advisor or mentor survived more than five years. When you work with a Padgett advisor, you get to draw on our years of business experience to help you succeed.

Feel secure in your financial situation

Set yourself up for success:

Life is unpredictable, and a Padgett advisor can help you make dynamic financial and business decisions with confidence.

Business advice from business owners:

We can address almost any business management topic, including budgeting, setting and tracking goals, addressing cash flow issues, and more.

Support designed for you:

For individuals, we provide financial advice to help you through life’s big and little moments, such as education, marriage, divorce, childcare, and your day-to-day finances.

We’re there when you need us

Do you know who to call if you have a question about your business or finances? With a Padgett advisor, you don’t have to wonder. You need a true partner to support your financial health, and that kind of relationship isn’t possible if it’s limited to a tax discussion once a year. Instead, we’ll be with you year-round to address financial issues as they arise, not after it’s too late to make positive adjustments.

Our services work together

  • Because we can also handle your tax, accounting, and payroll, we have a full picture of your financial situation.
  • By utilizing our full-service support, you enable us to provide you with more precise, personalized, and proactive advice.
  • Working with a Padgett advisor gives you the chance to dive deeper into understanding and optimizing your tax, accounting, and payroll.

Advisory FAQs

You know your business best, so any time you think you’re ready to get additional insight, we’re here. Advisory Services can be especially helpful if you’re hoping to improve cash flow, develop a profit-building framework, or plan for upcoming changes in your business.

As your accountants, we already deeply understand your business and goals. We can take this financial insight and translate it into actionable advice.

Our consulting services are meant to be added to other Padgett services. Consulting takes a full understanding of your financial picture and helps translate that into actionable steps for the future. It’s important that your consultant is familiar with your taxes and financials to give you the best analysis and advice.

Check out our consulting guides on our Tools page.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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