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Padgett provides the foundation you need to build your business

How to Join

Let us show you that with our support, you’ll have more time, energy, and money to devote to what you care about most: your business and your clients.



Schedule a call with our Director of Franchise Development to learn more about how we can support you in acquiring and building your new practice.



If you decide Padgett could be the right fit for you, we’ll ask you to fill out the Request for Consideration form. We’ll review it along with a background check.



After receiving and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our Chairman Brian Austin at our Head Office in Burlington, Ontario, or with our Executive Vice President Hal Canaan in Montreal, Quebec, as well as Head Office staff, to dive into the details of our support and get to know the people who will be supporting your new business.



If your Request for Consideration is accepted, you’ll then have a chance to review and sign the Franchise Agreement.



We’ll begin the onboarding process and work with you to incorporate your professional history with the resources Padgett has for the future. You’ll receive training and advice from our Head Office, and you will be ready to open your doors for business.

Start a conversation today!

Contact our Executive VP, Hal Canaan

I don't think my office would be as successful as it is if I were not part of a larger network. It's the interaction and the peer relationships I've built and the expertise I get from home office that has helped me be successful.

Dave Gribben, Padgett Franchise Owner

What We Offer

Start your business with Padgett’s 50+ years of success

Acquiring a firm and building a business on your own can be scary, but you don’t need to go it alone. Padgett can take the unknown out of buying your first firm and provide the support you need.

Leadership Team

Our leadership has years of successful business experience and are ready to help you.

Operations Team

We’ll provide the tax, accounting, and technology support you need to get started.

Marketing Team

Our dedicated marketing team is available to help you acquire leads and grow your new firm.


We help you spend less time picking tech, managing social media, hiring staff… we put all that in one place and free up your time. By partnering with us, you get the national brand and strong marketing presence at a lower cost than what you could achieve independently.


Convert Your Firm

Cost will vary depending on the firm you select to purchase. We offer flexible pricing on franchise fees, typically starting at $9,250. There are some other costs for your software, website and supplemental marketing services, but with contracts that provide significant discounts compared to what you’d be paying on your own.

Padgett can assist you with finding a firm to purchase. We’ll help you consider factors such as location, revenue and type of work. We’ve been helping people acquire firms for decades, so our experience means we know what to look for!

Padgett will assist you with the transition of ownership and the onboarding to the Padgett network. We can help you with client communication and due diligence throughout the transition.

We will work with you on pricing, which may include reduced royalty rates.

We can work with you to match you with firm owners in the Padgett network who are seeking a buyer.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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